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The subject issue has been discussed at length on line vide copy of letters placed at attachment for ready appreciation.

It appears that although government departments had STOPPED demanding furnishing copy of documents duly attested by any government gazette officers, instead, even a peon of the government offices refuses to accept any prayer / application including copies of enclosed documents with out being attested by a government gazette officer clearly ignoring self attestation of the incumbent.

Such unhappy incidents could have been avoided in case a proper directive in this regard is issued to all concerned for information and guidance.

Hope that Government at appropriate level will take suitable immediate action so that there should be no trouble any more.
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Barun roy, kolkata / bongaon,

Sunday, 31 October, 2010 1:01 PM
"Barun Roy"
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Getting a document attested by a gazette officer of the government department is a problem and time consuming factor on the either side. As attestation is required very frequently for any kind of official business the system may be simplified as suggested by Sri.Chinmay Kar and others. Simplified system will also be very much helpful to those who cannot attend any offices for physical constraints etc. Proper administrative authority may like to issue suitable instructions accordingly.

Barun Roy
Bongaon. 2010-10-30

--- On Wed, 27/10/10, Subham Sen wrote:

From: Subham Sen
Subject: Fw: [humanrightsactivist] ATTESTATION OF DOCUMENTS BY GOVT. OFFICERS:--->
To:,,,, Date: Wednesday, 27 October, 2010, 5:13 AM

It is true that getting documents attested by Government officers has become a very much difficult task. Keeping in view the constraints suggestions made by Chinmay Kar and others to allow self attestation system as prevailing at different banks are introduced. Governments are requested to issue suitable directives in this regard.

Subham Sen
Garia, South Kolkata . --- On Wed, 29/9/10, Chinmay Kar wrote:

From: Chinmay Kar
Subject: [humanrightsactivist] ATTESTATION OF DOCUMENTS BY GOVT. OFFICERS:--->
To:,,,, Wednesday, 29 September, 2010, 6:55 AM


Submission of documentary evidence in support of a representation, claim etc before the competent authority of the department are required to be made with attestation made by a gazette officer of the government, Normally a government department do not accept any documentation/s accompaniment to appeal / representation with out attestation by government officer.

Banks however introduced a new system of accepting copy of documents duly signed by the applicant himself. This “self attestation” system appears to be more acceptable as in case of any eventuality the person produced the document under his own signature can be taken up straight way instead of cumbersome method of fixing up responsibility.

Getting a document attested by a gazette officer of government department duly complying paraphernalia’s is a time consuming and turf job. Officer may not be available, reluctant to sign and deliver to an outsider not known to him and comparing official’s reluctance to spare time for such extra works etc. creates harassment to get attestation. Persons with old age disability and disabled who cannot move are the worst sufferer of this system of attestation by a gazette officer. Getting attestation by a gazette officer is so turf that PWDs are even afraid of having dream for getting attestation where as for every purpose attestation is required.

In view of the extreme difficulties explained above in details, it is urged that Person with Old Age Disability and Disabled who cannot move may be exempted as a special case to submit ‘documents duly attested by a gazette officer of the government’ and be allowed to submit “self attested” documents along with their appeals / submissions henceforth. It is requested that suitable directive from the government be issued at the earliest so that troubles of PWDs are minimized to some extant.

Chinmay Kar 29thSeptr '2010
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